What ConvertLoop users can do



Reduce churn and grow your userbase faster

  • Grow your customers and increase their engagement
  • Optimize your onboarding experience
  • Increase the use of your product and make it recurrent
  • Reduce your churn rate
  • Win customers back
  • Get your customers to know and use new features
  • Inform your clients of updates
  • Educate your clients with email sequences



Make sales recurrent and automate your store

  • Target new and repeat customers with custom messages or discounts based on what they have checked on your platform.
  • Reduce abandoned carts by bringing customers back to your site to complete checkout
  • Trigger educational sequences on how to use the products your customers bought and cross-sell based on their interests.
  • Send customized emails or discounts to those who haven’t purchased from you in a while
  • Send personalized and branded shipping confirmations, receipts and more in autopilot. 
  • Offer coupons to specific segments based on their interactions with your online store
  • Incentivize purchase based on the individual interests of you clients



Increase your complition rates and get students to take action

  • Get students back to your platform by communicating with them based on what they have done or need to complete.
  • Turn students in repeat customers by offering them related courses and material to advance in their career
  • Know what each of your students is doing on your platform, in real time
  • Deliver course materials and reminders
  • Improve your users’ first experience with your platform using customized emails and web notifications
  • Follow-up with your students once they finish a course


Non Profit

Increase your donations and make them recurrent

  • Increase donations reconnecting with  your potential supporters based on the causes they have clicked on and shown real interest
  • Increase awerenes about your organization causes, mission, values and goals.
  • Easily follow up  with your supporters based on the causes they are involved with. 

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Digital Agencies

Get results for your clients. Don't overpay for your automation tools

  • Manage all your clients' marketing automation campaigns under one account
  • Never get charged again per each collaborator of your team. Add as many team members as you want for no extra money
  • Use our powerful API to integrate with any other service you already use
  • Effortless import all your clients information
  • Get unlimited support from our team to help you succeed with your clients
  • Have one separate database per country so that you don't risk sending the wrong emails to the wrong people
  • Enhance your credibility and get additional qualifications with our top Partners Training and certification