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Maximize sales and engagement

Manage all your customers' sales and marketing information in one place,
track how they use your product and
send them emails based on their behavior

How ConvertLoop helps you grow your business


Automatically sync and update sales and marketing information

Have all your leads, customers and users' sales and marketing information in one place.

Automated email

Send automated emails

Just compose the emails and we will automatically trigger them based on tags, people's behavior or any criteria that you find relevant for your business.

Email sequence

Trigger email sequences

Compose your messages and define if you want to trigger them when people just signed up, haven't visited you in a while, bought a product, or any other specific criteria that is relevant for your business.


Track with custom events

Track how people are using your products. It is totally customizable, personalized and automated to address your business needs.


Create custom segments

Create segments using your customers’ data base to send them email sequences and campaigns

Tag people

Tag people

Tag your users manually or automatically to track where each customer is in their sales and marketing journey.

Manual email

Send one time emails

Reach one customer or a group of people with personalized, one-time messages.


Integrate with any service

Integrate any landing page, lightboxes, opt-in, e-commerce, or online payment services that your business uses.
You will find no frictions thanks to Convertloop's powerful API.


Create Reports

Create reports about how people interact with your product and emails to optimize your marketing and sales performance.



"The old days of creating confusing flows or decision trees are done. Now I just filter custom segments and trigger automated mesages based on how people use my product."

- Andrés Angel, Founder at


Here is why you will love Convertloop
once you try it:

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Never waste time again synchronizing
your customers’ sales and marketing information

Automatically sync your customers' sales and marketing information between your App and Convertloop.
All your customers info will be updated in real time, in one place, and in the most powerful and secure servers.

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Forget about building complex flows or decision trees

Only outdated marketing automation services are still offering them. Move to the most powerful automation service that uses custom segments and entry-exit sequence rules built based on how your users interact with your product.

Free yourself from pre-set automation rules that do not apply to your business

Create totally customized behavioral tracking strategies that will allow you to communicate with your customers based on how they use your products.

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Unlimited marketing and sales team members with no extra charge

Add as many collaborators as you need with no extra charge. You can invite all your marketing and sales team to work together and you will never be charged for adding new collaborators to Convertloop.

Have as many Apps/Products as you want under the same ConvertLoop account

Create as many Apps/Products as you want under the same account. You will automatically generate specific APP IDs and API KEYs for each of your products with no extra cost.

Ideal for marketing agencies or marketers with several clientes.

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Create Custom Reports

Get insights about people's activity on your site/App along with customized key performance metrics to make strategic decisions.


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"I love it! Convertloop is so easy to use, and it helped me to finally synchronize all my customers information in one place, automatically track their journey, and increase my monthly sales... on autopilot!"

- Laura Arboleda, CEO at Wise and Happy


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