Email marketing and automation driven by data

Monitor what people do on your website or software and trigger behavior-based communications that convert

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Created for data driven marketers and product teams

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Send Emails based on behavior

Automatically segment your users and deliver behavior-based Email Sequences, Automatic one-time Emails, Bulk Emails

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Display web notifications

Display notifications directly on your website to communicate with your anonymous or identified visitors based on their behavior

Track what each visitor does convertloop

Track what each user does

Understand what your users do, automatically segment them, and get them to take action in your customer journey

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Analyze your data

Analyze your segments' behavior patterns in real time, and make business decisions based on data

Harness the power of data intelligence
to understand your users and get them to take action

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This is what you can do with ConvertLoop

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Real Time Segmentation

Increase conversions by grouping your users dynamically according to your user-life-cicle. Use their interactions with your product or personal attributes to communicate with them in a relevant way, at the right time and perfect channel


Deep Data Personalization

Access your unique users' profile that contains their personal and behavioral data even before you have captured their email address. Increase engagement with relevant and personalized messages

Automated email

Cross-channel communication

Drive conversions and retention via triggered campaigns across Email, Web Notifications, or importing your segments into other platfoms to do Remarketing and sending SMS


Integration with any service

Integrate your Facebook account to capture leads, your CRM to manage your sales, and any other service that is relevant for your business which you send user data to

How it works

if you need help with your integration we will help you via chat or video call


1. Install ConvertLoop

Easily install ConvertLoop by adding our java script snippet or using any of our API libraries and start tracking everything your users do. From this point you can start sending web notifications to them


2. Automatically Segment Specific Users

Segment your users automatically based on personal attributes or actions taken in your product. Then use your segments to know where your users are in their life-cicle, send them targetted messages or export your custom audiences to do remarketing on facebook, display networks or send them SMS vía your provider

Automated email

3. Send Targeted Messages

Trigger web notifications, email campaigns, email sequences, or one-time automatic emails, to get your visitors to take action. You can use hyper segmented messages to capture new leads, convert users into paying customers and retain your current users.


4. Measure your results

Get insights on how your users engage with your product or website, the actions they execute and how your messages performe to make strategic decisions.

Also identify your best traffic source for conversions using the most common UTM_tracking parametters: utm_source, utm_cmapaign, utm_medium, utm_term, utm_content

Export all your data to do deep data analysis