Frequently Asked Questions

What is a web notification

Is a pop-up message that you can display in diferent positions in your site and are triggered by your users behavior. You can send them to users even if you haven´t captured their email address yet. As they have not pre-set fields you can include in them forms, images, videos, text and any call to action you want.

How many web notifications can I display per month

You can create and display unlimited web notifications every month on any plan.

How many emails can I send per month

You can send unlimited emails every month on any plan.

What is a Contact

A Contact is a person that you have identified in ConvertLoop with an email. You will never have duplication of people in ConvertLoop, the same email means same person.

How many Contacts can I have in ConvertLoop

As much as you want. Check the different ConvertLoop prices based on the number of Contacts you have.

What is a Guest

A Guest is any visitor to your website whose email address has not been captured yet.

How many Guests can I have in ConvertLoop


What is a collaborator

Is a member of your team that you want to invite to your account with no extra charge.

How many collaborators can I invite to my account


What is an automatic email

An automatic email is an email that is triggered when any of your visitors execute an event, visits a url, enters or exits a segment. The posibilities to automatically trigger an email are unlimited so that you can customize it to your business requirements.

How many automatic emails can I send per month

You can create and send unlimited automatic emails every month on any plan.

What is a manual campaign

A manual campaign is a blast email (one time email) you send to a specific segment of your contacts.

How many manual campaigns can I send per month

You can create and send unlimited manual campaigns every month on any plan.

What is an email sequence

A set of emails that you can automatically deliver with a delay (hours or days).

How many email sequences can I send per month

You can create and send unlimited email sequence every month on any plan.

What is an event

Any action executed by a visitor to your site that you want to track. You can use the events to trigger automatic messages or make business decisions.

How many events can I track

Unlimited every month.

What is a profile tracking history

Is the unique history of executed events and personal information of each individual that you are tracking in your site or have imported to ConvertLoop

What is a detail of an event

Sometimes you need to record additional information related to an event. For instance, if you track an event called "bought credits" you may want to know the "Amount of the purchase", "Number of Credits", and "Payment Method". This additional information related to an event is the detail of the event.

What are the advance filters

A powerful feature of ConvertLoop to group your contacts the right way. You have unlimited access to ConvertLoop filters to segment your contacts. You can group people based on what they do, what they still haven't done, when they do it, how many times they do it, their location, personal information or any attribute relevant to your business.

What is a segment

A segment is a specific group of people you filter from your contacts using ConvertLoop powerful advance filters.

How many segments can I create per month

You can create unlimited segments every month on any plan.

What is an email template

Is the layout of an email. You can create and save unlimited email templates.

Can you help me move from my old provider.

Yes!, you can migrate all your contacts from your old provider using CSV or excel format. If you need anyhelp one of our expert will help you with the swith.

How many Apps/Domains/Products can I have under one account

Unlimited. This is ideal for marketing agencies that need to manage several clients at the same time.

How does the set-up work

The onboarding process will guide you. If any time you feel lost, you can contact us at : [email protected]

How does the support work

We will reply to your support requests in an average of 3 business days. If you have an account over the 25k contacts, we will support you by phone. You can contact us anytime at : [email protected] .

How does the free trial work

You have 14 days of free trial. After that you pay as you go by the number of contacts you have in your account.

What if I'm not happy

You can try ConvertLoop free for 14 days. Credit card is not required to create your account. If you are not happy you can cancel your service at anytime. Simply write at [email protected] and we'll take care of you.

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