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Email sequence

email sequences

Send automated email sequences to groups of users to achieve specific marketing goals. Create as many sequences as you need to educate them or take them from one point to the next in your user journey.

Segment target pointer

Group your users
Automatically or Manually

Increase your conversions by grouping your users according to their location, personal attributes or their behavior with your product, and then communicating with them in a relevant way, at the right time.

Target magnifier glass

Track everything
your users do

Know what each of your visitors and clients are doing on your website and use this information to personalize your cross-channel communications with them.

Web notification

Send web notifications
in real time

Show automatic notifications to the people who visit your website to capture their information, claim a special offer, get them to take action, or any other marketing goal

Automated email

Send an automatic email
to a specific user

Automatically send an email to a specific user when they have performed an action on your website, or when they have entered a specific segment

Manual email

Send bulks emails
to a group of users

Send personalized bulk emails to notify a specifically defined group of contacts about special offers and updates


Use Remarketing on social media

Export a specific user segment from ConvertLoop to Facebook or other display networks to use remarketing on social media for specific audiences


Send SMS to specific audiences

Export a custom user segment from ConvertLoop, and send them SMS messages using Amazon SNS, Twilio, Elibom, or any SMS provider


Analyze your data and results

Know the exact results of your campaigns and the details of your users’ behavior on your website. Export your results and information and use data science to improve them constantly


Integrate via API

Integrate your web site/app using our API libraries in JS, Node, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Java or curl. You can start tracking by simply embedding our JS snnipet of code

Zapier logo

Send Contacts to Zapier

Automatically send your contacts to your CRM to manage your sales processes effectively.

Facebook logo

Get leads from Facebook

Automatically create a Contact on ConvertLoop when you have captured a lead using Facebook Lead Gen Ads

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