Everything you need to get your visitors to take action


Capture your visitors' behavior automatically

Automatically track your unique visitors' actions, such as creating an account, paying a monthly fee, using a feature, completing a download, etc.

Track all the pages each person visits with one snippet of code

Track each visitor even before you have captured their personal information. You will have the complete tracking history per indivudal, knowing exactly which pages each person visited on your site, by installing the ConvertLoop's java script tracking code

Track custom events

Automatically track custom events (actions executed by your visitors) from the front-end or back-end of your site using our API Libraries

Add details about an event

Sometimes you need to record additional information related to an event. For instance, if you track an event called "Bought Credits" you may want to know the "Amount of the Purchase", "Number of Credits", and "Payment Method". This additional information related to an event is the "detail" (or "metadata") of the event. Store as much information about an event as you need.

Access unique visitors' tracking history

ConvertLoop automatically creates a unique profile's tracking-history: the executed events and personal information of each individual that you are tracking on your site, or have imported to ConvertLoop.

Track unlimited Guests

A Guest is any visitor to your website whose email address has not been captured yet. ConvertLoop will track everything they do even before you capture their email address. You can track unlimited Guests for free.


Indentify your visitors

Gather visitors' information from any form on your website or send it from your back-end

Capture your visitors' information automatically

Identifying a visitor is the process of converting a "visitor" into a "contact" by associating it with an email address. Besides the email address, you can add any other information you consider important (Name, Company, Plan, etc.) for the contact.

You can identify them from the front-end or back-end of your site, just by calling the identify function on any form you are using.

Import your contact lists without duplications

Import contacts via CSV files or API without limits. You will never have duplicated contacts in ConvertLoop, because the same email will always refer to the same person. You can add a Tag before you import your contacts to organize and group them easily.

Create contacts manually

You can also add contacts to ConvertLoop manually.

Tag people

Segment visitors dynamically

Automatically group your visitors based on what they do, what they still haven't done, when they do it, how many times they do it, their location, personal information or any attribute that is relevant to your business.

Personal attributes

Group your contacts by any information you have captured when identifying them, such as the plan they belong to, the number of employees of their companies, if their email address contains "@gmail", or any relevant filter for your business.

What they do or still haven't done

You can accurately filter the people who have executed a custom event you are tracking, and the people who haven't executed it yet.

When they do something

You can group people by the first time or last time they have executed a specific action (for instance, the first time they signed up, or the last time they visited your site).

You can also filter them by how many days ago, or on which specific dates, someone has exceted one or a combination of events.

How many times they have done something

Group your contacts by the number of times they have executed an event, such as visited a specific page, download a file, bought credits, etc. You can also filter by "more than", "less than", "other than" any number of times to be extremely accurate with your segments

Specific details relevant to your business

Create any custom attribute that is relevant to your business, and group your contacts by that attribute (or several custom attributes) to create segments.


Group people by city or country.

Use ConvertLoop's Powerful Filters

You can combine any rules related to your contacts' information or behavior to create the custom segments you need. Just use our powerful Smart Segmentation Tool ™ to create custom segments. Your combinations can match "all" or "any" of the rules you set.

Automated email

Communicate with your visitors effectively

Send automated emails to your contacts based on their actions, location, personal attributes, or at specific time intervals.

Send automatic emails

An automatic email is an email that is triggered when any of your visitors execute an event, is tagged or untagged, visits a URL, enters or exits a segment. The posibilities to automatically trigger an email are unlimited so that you can customize according to your business requirements.

Create email sequences

A set of emails that you can automatically deliver with a specific delay (hours or days). Use sequences to get your contacts back to your site to take action

Deliver manual campaigns

A manual campaign is a blast email (one-time email) you send to a specific segment of your contacts. Use them to notify your contacts about new features or tell them about special offers.

Design email Templates

A template is the layout of an email. You can create and save unlimited email templates. Feel free to use your own HTML and CSS.

Access detailed Reports

Know the details of how people interact with your emails.

Verify your own domain

You can verify your domain by registring ConvertLoop's verification tokens in your DNS so that you increase the deliverability rate of your emails and your domain appears as the sender.


Integrate with any service

Integrate any landing page, lightbox, opt-in, e-commerce, or online payment services that your business uses. You will find no frictions thanks to Convertloop's powerful API.

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