Track visitors' behavior, segment them, and trigger hyper-targeted on-site messages

Track custom events, webpage visits, and send targeted-messages
to get visitors to take action

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Advanced Analytics and On-site Messaging

Web tracking and Analytics


Fixed price

Track visitors' behavior, segment them, and trigger hyper-targeted on-site messages
  • Website tracking  
  • Custom event tracking  
  • Track unidentified website visitors  
  • Web Notifications  
  • Advanced Segmentation  
  • Access Segments advanced report  
  • Access events advanced report  
  • Access to unique visitor profile  
  • Help desk access 24/7  
  • Unlimited Custom Events  
  • Up to 300.000 event logs/mo  
  • Full API access  
  • Bounce and complaints automatic handling  
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Use our web notifications - smart popups - to grab visitors attention without the annoyance


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Track visitor's behavior, segment them, and triger on-site messages

Website Tracking

Track website visits by your contacts or unidentified visitors (you do not have their email yet). Know who is visiting your website, how often, and why, and trigger targeted messages based on specific page views

Custom event tracking

Set custom actions that you want to track on your website. Monitor who has executed what action and when they did it, to automatically segment your contacts and website visitors and trigger campaigns based on their behavior. You can add specific event properties to the actions you track (check out event metadata in our API)

Display web notifications

Create any popup you like from our editor or inserting your own html. Set up the appearance, the segment you want to show them to, the trigger, specific pages you want them to appear, etc. Communicate with unidentified (you do not have their email yet) and identified visitors.

Track unidentified website visitors

Know what people are doing on your website even if you do not have their email address yet. Trigger behavior based targeted-messages with Web Notifications

Full API access

Create contacts, add recipients to segments , and react in real time to custom events when they are relevant to your business

Advanced segmentation

Group your contacts manually or automatically, based on behavior, in real time

Access custom segments reports

Analyze each interaction across your full customer journey. Improve engagement and lifetime value making decisions based on the actions your groups of users are taking over time

Access events advanced reports

Analyze what actions and with which frequency your website visitors are taking or not on your website, to make strategic decisions based on behavior

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Onboard, educate and engage users based on behavior

Track and segment your visitors and users based on behavior. Hit your target triggering relevant messages and improve your conversions understanding what your visitors do


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