Send targeted automatic messages to your visitors

Onboard, sell, and engage your web users with automatic emails triggered by their actions.

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Here is why you will love Convertloop once you try it:


Segment your visitors based on what they do

Segment your visitors based on their sessions, features used, location, and any relevant attribute for your business.


Comunicate with your visitors in terms of their real interests. No spam, no guesses.

Track each visitor story with your product even without having their contact info. Then talk with them based on their real interests.

Behavioral tracking

Discover the power of behavioral analytics to drive growth

ConvertLoop ties the interactions with your product to a single person regardless if they come from multiple devices.


Forget about pre-set automation rules and complex visual workflows

No more complex workflows that takes time to learn. Simply define and turn on-off custom triggers to send emails and you are all set.


Never waste time again synchronizing your customers’ marketing information

All your customers info will be updated in real time, in one place, and in the most powerful and secure servers.

Unlimited users

Unlimited collaborators with no extra charge

Invite as many marketing team members as you want without paying more.

Unlimited apps

Have several Apps under the same account

Manage as many Apps as you want under the same account. Ideal for marketing agencies. Learn why


Get insights

Get insights about people’s activity on your site along with customized key performance metrics to make strategic decisions.

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How it works


1. Install ConvertLoop

Easily install ConvertLoop by adding our java script snippet or using any of our API libraries

Tag people

2. Identify People

Start capturing your visitors information to communicate with them via email


3. Target specific users

Segment your users based on personal attributes or actions taken in your product

Automated email

4. Send targeted messages

Create and trigger email campaigns, sequences or automatic messages to get your visitors to take action.


5. Measure your results

Get analytics on how your users engage with your messages to make strategic decisions

Start driving growth with ConvertLoop

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